ToggleLoc Femoral Fixation Device with ZipLoop Technology
The ToggleLoc Femoral Fixation Device with ZipLoop Technology is designed to capture the cortical bone of the femur while providing significant fixation strength with virtually no slippage.
  • Maximizes soft-tissue graft-to-tunnel interface
  • One size for varying tunnel lengths
  • Uniquely woven polyethylene construct.
ComposiTCP Interference Screw
Composite mix for both soft tissue and bone-tendon-bone grafts. TCP-containing composite materials had faster degradation kinetics, caused less inflammatory reaction, and promoted contact osteogenesis.
Gentle Threads Interference Screw
  • LactoSorb Copolymer is comprised of 82% L-lactic acid (PLLA) and 18% glycolic acid (PGA).
  • Blunt thread design
  • Round head and fully threaded designs both available.
  • Resorbable copolymer that retains over 80% of its mechanical strength. during the first eight weeks of healing with complete mass loss occurring in 9-15 months.
Precision Flexible Reaming System
Precision Flexible Reaming system provides an accurate and reproducible system for anatomic ACL reconstruction. The curved guides and flexible drills facilitate tunnel placement at the true ligament origin, optimizing the native kinematics of the ACL graft.
SwitchCut Reaming system
The SwitchCut Reaming System for ACL Reconstruction is the first self-flipping retro reaming technology to hit the market. This robust design is a user-friendly instrumentation system and a great addition to the current Biomet Sports Medicine ACL portfolio.